Islamic Banking and Finance Review

Volume # 02

March 2015

 1. Islamic House Financing in Pakistan: A Demand Analysis 

Muhammad Mansoor Javed , MM Shah Khan  and Haris Aslam

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 2. An Alternative Islamic Mode of Finance for SMEs: A Case for Bai Salam

Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Ishtiaq, Hafiz Muhammad Sarfaraz Nihal and Muhammad Mubashir Mukhtar

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 3. Performance of Islamic Mutual Funds: A Comparison with Conventional Mutual Funds

Muhammad Mahmood Shah Khan, Syeda Hameeda Batool Gillani and Sana Mansoor

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 4. The Role of Awqaf in Modern Economic Development

Dr. Mohamad Hisham Dafterdar

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 5. Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance: An Evaluation of Islamic Banks in Pakistan

Muhammad Mahmmod Shah Khan,  Farah Yasser and Dr. Talat Hussain

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 6. The Determinants of the Pakistan Islamic Banking Industry Profitability: Panel Evidence

 Farrukh Ijaz   Anum Akmal, Syeda Hameeda Batool Gillani

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 7. Empirical Analysis of Liquidity Risk and Operational Risk in Islamic Banks: Case of Pakistan

Ramla Sadiq, Afia Mushtaq. And Dr. Talat Hussain

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