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3rd Doctoral Seminar in Institute of Islamic Banking

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

    3rd Doctoral Seminar in IIB (Institute of Islamic Banking)

IIB continues to organize doctoral seminars on regular basis after every two weeks. In this regard, the third seminar was held on Friday, December 08, 2017. Muhammad Aqib Ali (PhD Batch #1) presented his PhD thesis research proposal on the topic titled "Islamic Banking and Finance in Pakistan: Perceptions and Practices" Mr. Aqib started his presentation with the introduction of Islamic Banking sector and its evolution. He explained that Islamic system of finance is actually a smaller component of a broad Islamic economic framework which is as old as the religion itself. The comparative facts and figures in terms of market share of other countries also ratify the fact that Pakistan lags far behind in achievement of considerable growth of IBF sector. His study proposes a holistic approach in the analysis of factors relevant to Islamic banking and finance in Pakistan by taking into consideration the opinions of all the key stakeholders in the industry which is a vital research gap. He further elaborated objective of his research is to study the reactions, opinions, reservations, knowledge and awareness of various stakeholders regarding Islamic banking and financial systems and to improve the overall image of Islamic banking initiative by enhancing and promoting a better understanding of Islamic banking and finance paradigm. He told that most of the data collection will be done personally through self-administered questionnaires. After the completion of his presentation, question-answer session was held. In the end, students and faculty members also gave him some suggestions to improve his proposal.

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