Board of Studies

Board of Studies

The following are the IIB Board of Studies members with the following composition

CompositionMember NameDesignation


Prof. Dr Rukhsana Kalim

Dean, IIB - UMT

All professors/Associate professors/ Assistant professors

of the  department

Dr. Talat Hussain

Dr. Mohammad Ayaz

Dr. Hassan Shakeel

Assistant Prof. IIB - UMT

Assistant Prof. IIB - UMT

Assistant prof. IIB - UMT

Two subject experts from any other Institutions

Dr. Nawaz al Hassani

Dr. Ishfaq Ahmed

Professor, Isalmic Studies - UOL

Assistant Professor, PU

 Experts on the subject from the industry

Mr. Tariq Saeed Chaudhry

Mufti Mahmood Ahmad

Mufti Ifthkhar Baig

Area Sales Director

Shariah Board Member, ABL and MCB Islamic

Shariah Board Member, ABL Islamic

One representative of ORG Mr.Zafar Younus

Deupty Registrar, UMT

Minutes Taker:

  1. Mr. Faran Ali (Officer Academics, IIB)

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