Islamic Banking and Finance Review

Volume # 03

March 2016

1. Islamic Banking Service Quality and Deposit Withdrawal Risk: Evidence from Brunei Darussalam

Muhamad Abduh

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         2. Islamic Social Financing Institutions: A Proposal for Achieving the Poverty Alleviation and other Objectives

             of Shari’ah

          Mehboobul Hassan

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        3. Islamic Banking and Economic Growth: A Case of Pakistan

         Rukhsana Kalim, Afia Mushtaq and Noman Arshed

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       4.Comparison of Disclosure Level among Islamic Banks and Its Effect on Performance

         Nadia Hanif and Noman Arshed

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         5.Does Working Capital and Financial Structure Impact Profitability of Islamic and Conventional Banks


         Ejaz Aslam, Farrukh Ijaz and Anam Iqbal

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March 2015

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March 2014

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