Certified Shariah Auditor

Certified Shariah Auditor (CSA)

Shariah Audit refers to the periodical assessment conducted from time to time to provide an independent assessment and objective assurance designed to add value and improve the degree of complaiance in relation to the IFI's business operations, with the main objective of ensuring a sound and effective internal control system for Shariah compliance. internal auditors who have acquired adequate Shariah related knowledge and training shall perform the Shariah Audit function.

The Shariah Advisor program is one of the initiatives taken by the Institute of Islamic Banking (IIB) to provide continous professional development in the area of Shariah Advisory relating to the Islamic Banking and Finance, Islamic Capital Market (ICM). The program is exclusively developed to integrate theoretical and practical aspects of industry knowledge.

By the end of this program, the participants will be able to generate innovative solutions relating to key issues and challenges in the Islamic banking and Finance institutions.

Duration: 4 months
Program Fee: Rs. 40,000/-
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 CSA Programme Structure

Level 1-Assessor

  • Elements of assurance engagement
  • Shariah Audit and Shariah Review
  • External and Internal Audit
  • Duties of Internal Shari'ah Auditor
  • Compliance on the internal Shari'ah Auditor's Report
  • Shariah compliance shariah audit in Islamic Banks

Level 2 - Auditor

  • Profit distribution methodology and Shariah compliance
  • Deposit Insurance and Shariah Compliance
  • Shariah compliance in Financial statements
  • Shariah compliance in Contracts, Murabaha, Salam, Istisna, Ijara, Diminishing Musharaka
  • Financing operations of Islamic banks and Shariah compliance
  • Derivatives and Shariah compliance
  • Investment in shares and other securities and Shariah compliance
  • Shariah screening process

Level 3-Avisor

  • Functions and responsibilities of the Shari'ah Advisor
  • Powers and Reporting of Shari'ah Advisor
  • Performance Review of the Shari'ah Advisor
  • Theoretical and practical key basic principles of Shariah Governance.
  • Shariah governance standards AAOIFI

For more details, contact Ms Maryam Haroon (Research Associate) via email at maryam.haroon@umt.edu.pk


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