Certification FAQ's

Frequently Asked Question's

How Will I Study?

When you enroll on our certifications, you are assigned a personal expert instructor, to guide and encourage you throughout your studies with the Institute. Your instructor will be available throughout your course to give you help with specific issues, and difficult topics.

Relevant practical exercises and research based projects are introduced throughout the certifications aimed at applying the theory and skills learnt. You complete all this work under the supervision and guidance of your instructor who provides you feedback on your assignments, projects and course work on regular basis.

How is the Course Delivered?

Guided learning hours for these specialized certifications are 40 – 50. The certifications are flexible; you can work according to your own schedule. The certifications are typically assignment based and after each course unit you will complete an assignment which you will submit to your tutor for marking. The tutor will mark the assignment and will give you the feedback. There is no formal exam to take at the end.

You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and comments on these questions with your other fellow students on Learning Management System (LMS).

What Support Does Students Get?

Learning Material – All the core learning material will be provided to you from the Institute. You don’t have to buy any text books. However we encourage our students to conduct their own further reading.

Instructor Support – The instructor will be available to help you with any specific issues that arise or any difficult topics on which you need any further guidance.

Learning Management System – Our online LMS enable you to share ideas with other students and support each other through out your studies. Instructor’s regularly review the forum and reply to student’s questions or concerns.

How much does it Cost?

The fee covers the cost of registration, course study material, library charges, instructor support, and certification fee. Students can pay the certification fee in up to 02 interest free monthly installments. However, there is special fee discount available for those paying in full at the time of admission.

Entry Requirements

There is no particular entry requirement for these certifications and training programs. Yet, we believe slight background from the Islamic banking, finance and economics will be an advantage.

Language Requirements

All students must be fluent in English and should be conversant in Urdu or Arabic. Arabic is not a requirement but students will be expected to absolutely master Islamic Finance terminology in Arabic.

When Can I Begin the Program?

Enrollment is continuous and students may typically start 3 weeks after being accepted (only for online certifications). For on campus certifications, Institute Academic Calendar will be followed.

How to Apply?

Onsite: you can apply by personally visiting the campus

Online: you can enroll yourself via Online Admission System at http://oasis.umt.edu.pk/

Email: cert.iib@umt.edu.pk or you can contact us on and we will send you all the course information along with the application form which you can fill in and return to us on the same email. After processing your application form we will send you an invoice for the payment of your fee along with guidance on making payment.

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