Vision, Mission & Objectives


To be a premier leading institute of knowledge center for Islamic Banking and Finance in Pakistan for the development and promotion of Shariah compliant teachings as a medium for economic and financial growth, wealth and prosperity.


To arouse, inspire and deliver cutting edge education, learning, research, capacity building and counseling services in the locale of Islamic Banking and Finance to uphold and prosper the Islamic teachings.


The objective of Institute of Islamic Banking (IIB) is the Shariah based injunctions of the financial and banking culture of the Muslim societies. It is aimed to create a platform for new generation of academic students, researchers, scholars, business managers, financiers, bankers and economists who can effectively and productively deals with the present business challenges and difficulties in the exhibits of principles of Islamic teachings by conveying knowledge and education using different modes of learning methods. The ultimate objective is to

  • Organizing teachings of Islamic banking and finance at Master’s and Doctoral levels
  • Research Culture and Analytical Thinking - Conducting advance studies & research in the relevant areas
  • Develop Industry Partnership- Promoting cooperation with other leading educational and research institutions in the Islamic banking and finance and allied disciplines
  • Providing training & consultancy services to public and private organizations
  • Develop, Conduct and Promote Shariah based Training Programs
  • Endorse Qualified Human Resources in areas Demanded by Industry
  • Establish Islamic Platform for Trainers and Advisers
  • Provide Business advisory in context of Spiritual Heritage of Islam

What We Do

The Institute of Islamic Banking (IIB) is an educational research oriented non-profit organization with the objective of promoting intellectual, logical and scientific thoughts and discussions on institutions of Islam in application of Islamic banking and finance. The institute is dedicated to produce well-trained, highly competent personnel and executives with the required talent in the Islamic banking and finance industry. 

What We Offer

The Institute of Islamic Banking (IIB) offers post graduate and graduate programs of studies; professional certifications in Islamic Banking, e-learning certifications and promotes research related to global banking, finance and economy in context to strong focus on the Islamic principles and ethical norms. The institute has a  history of doing research in the area of Islamic banking and finance, providing news and organizing conferences on the present day issues in the light of the Islamic principles.

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