Rectors Message

The University of Management and Technology (UMT) has come a long way over a short span of time as a wide-ranging disciplines providing university on most modern lines. The university is set on the threshold of breaking in to a new era of growth and success with the aim to be among the best seats of higher learning. With the award of W4 category by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, UMT is in right direction to take place among the institutions of higher learning and has won privileged distinction both in the country and abroad. UMT offers quality yet accessible higher education not only in the traditional fields but also in the emerging disciplines to meet current as well as future national needs.

The Institute of Islamic Banking (IIB) is one of the best examples of such emerging area of present needs. The IIB is an educational research oriented institute with the objective of promoting intellectual, logical and scientific thoughts and discussions on principles of Islam in application of Islamic banking and finance. The institute construes the Islam teachings in the framework of conventional banking development of the modern world and the foundation of such institute will give us an opportunity to pay tribute to the wealth of knowledge that comes with Islamic visualization and will help us translate it in action.

The institute opens its doors to the scholars and bankers who wish to pursue academic Islamic studies at wide and are eager to know the true teachings of Islamic religion. The institute has a conducive environment that enables researchers to carry out a broad survey of the fundamentals of Islamic banking studies and ethics.

My primary concern, as Rector, is to ensure that Institute of Islamic Banking (IIB) maintains its high standards and academic status and that we continue to attract the best students and staff from around the world. I congratulate all and specially the team of Institute of Islamic Banking (IIB) for the initiative and wish them success in the running of institute.

I hope that you will find it interesting and informative. Come join us on this exciting journey into the future to share our enthusiasm of introducing Islam in conventional financial and economic systems.

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