Board of Faculty

The following are the IIB Board of Faculty members with the following composition

Board of Faculty





Prof. Dr Rukhsana Kalim

Dean, IIB

All professors/Associate professors of the department

Dr. Muhammad Amin

Dr. Talat Hussain

Dr Kausar Abbas

Adjunct Professor, IIB

Assistant Professor, IIB

Assistant Professor, IIB

Appointed in order of seniority by rotation 

Mr. Mehmood Shah Khan

Assistant Professor, SBE

Two representative of Academic council

Mr. Abdul Rafay

Mr. Tahseen Mohsan

Assosiate Professor, SBE

Assistant Professor, SBE

Two subject experts from any other Institutions

Dr. Hafiz Khalil Ahmed

Dr. Muhammad Ali Jabran Qamar

University of the Punjab


One representative of Rector's Office

Dr. Waqas Farooq

Assistant Professor, SBE

One representative of ORG

Mr.Zafar Younus

Deputy Registrar, UMT

Minutes Taker:

  • Ms. Syeda Hameeda Batool (Reserach Associate, IIB)
  • Mr. Faran Ali (Officer Academics, IIB)

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