Centre for Shariah Governance and Risk Management 

Over the last few decades, Islamic Banking has made significant inroads into the conventional banking system. Shariah Governance and Risk Management are the underlying foundations in the business practices of Islamic finance. Recognizing the need of Shariah Governance practices and risk management tools and techniques, the Institute of Islamic Banking (IIB-UMT) has taken an initiative to establish a Centre for Shariah Governance and Risk Management. Fully cognizant of the fact that Human Resource Development and R&D resources in Islamic Banking are lacking in current systematic approach. The centre aims to guide about the Shariah role in banking operations, terms and transition of financial practices under the umbrella of Shariah based risk management techniques. Based on national and international Shariah governance framework practices, the centre invites academicians, professional, business community, practitioners for consultancy, trainings and capacity building of individuals, in compliance with Shariah code of ethics.

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